The voices, the authorities, all the families of Ngāti Paoa, happy greetings Gather the moon so the waters of Tāpapakanga flows to the sea of Tīkapa to the bay of Te Haupā The clouds appear above Kohukohunui, above Rātāroa are clustered and blown by the wind Greetings to you Paoa’s grandchild set free by the wind in the sky that weaves us together on its flight To our ancestors that have gone to the heavens The godwit crys out on the sea Raise your alert ears so that you can feel the calmness of the physical work, of the spiritual world The large stomach (abundance) will found the humility, so that we hold to caring for people no matter who they are, no matter where they’re from Compassion for each other and the aspirations of those (ancestors) are carried in this world, said by Te Ao Mārama her dying dream The wind from the east, from the west, a coat, a cloak for us all, for our loving hearts that are mourning Praise to our Creator May care for the Māori King and his House Them to them (those who have passed away). Us to us (to the living). Greetings to us all.